Monday, 2 September 2013

Patience is a virtue


It seems we are living in a world that lack patience and at some point, patience does NOT really exist so I must clear something once and for all.

  1. IamNewToLinux, while it seems 0% informative and 0% useful, is because most of you who are NOT 'NEW' to Linux can't simply understand the whole point from this blog/project. This Project is meant to be the first initial step that a NEW USER to Linux who is coming from Windows who had never ever seen nor used Linux in his/her entire life will take and go through in order for him/her to understand the BASICS ONLY about Linux. I do hope it is clear enough :)
  2. IamNewToLinux is the first project among many other projects in my mind. I don't really have to explain what I have in mind, I need to focus now on this project and once it is complete, I will announce the next step. Please, learn to be patient :)
  3. Please, do read the Master Plan tab. It should explain everything about this project and if something is not clear, please ask :)
  4. This Project/Blog is NOT for everyone. This is ONLY and I insist, ONLY for NEW Users to Linux. If you are 'already' a Linux User, this Blog is totally useless for you. You already know everything here. So please understand what I'm trying to achieve here. I am trying to do whatever I can to take care of the New Users coming from Windows and offer them the healthy and righteous start for their first step in Linux World. Once they learn how to talk, they will learn how to run and then will learn how to fly. Again, we do need to be patient :)
  5. Please, if you still in doubt, read from 1-4 again :D
  6. If you are willing to HELP and SUPPORT this project, please contact Ali Linx/amjjawad on whatever channel you feel comfortable with. I'm everywhere around - Check Contact Us Page, please :)
  7. This project on its early stages. It is not yet fully complete. 

Thank you!  

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