How to make your choice?

How to make your choice?
You are here because you have already covered the previous step. 

If you haven't, please go back to the previous steps and read them from Step 1 to Step 6 :)

I hope you trust my words at the moment and I hope you trust when I allow to myself to extend my wing even further and offer extra more help to you.

As previously mentioned, there are 611 different Linux Systems/Distributions. However, there are much less MAIN or MAJOR Linux Systems and the rest are 'based' on these Main or Major Systems. Perhaps between 20-30 systems which are Major systems. Among these Major (main) Linux Systems (Distributions), based on 3 years experience (24/7/365), I have chosen for you a very simple, user friendly, easy to use, stable, community based, great system with many options which will make your migration process from Windows to Linux as smooth and easy as you never have imagined before and that system called:

What does Ubuntu mean?
It is named after the Southern African philosophy of ubuntu, which often is translated as "humanity towards others" or "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity"

Interesting, isn't it?
and that is not all of it, Ubuntu has many variants that cover a wide range of personal opinion or desire or need.

Do not worry, I will make it as simple as possible for you.

What Ubuntu Variants do I have to choose?

  • I have an old machine with 1GB RAM (or less) >>> Lubuntu is the lightweight version of Ubuntu.

  • I have an old machine with 1GB - 2GB RAM  >>> Xubuntu is light and beautiful version of Ubuntu. It is a bit heavier than Lubuntu.

  • I have a middle age machine, not old, not new with 2GB RAM >>> Ubuntu OR Ubuntu GNOME also the best option for a new machine.

  • I want something that very similar to Windows >>> Kubuntu and your machine must have more than 1GB RAM.

  • I am a student and looking for something that can help me with school >>> Edubuntu

  • I am a professional video and audio editing and need some applications for that >>> Ubuntu Studio

  • I am Chinese >>>  UbuntuKylin

  1. Lubuntu and Xubuntu are the best options for old machines. However, you can use them on middle age and new machines as well.
  2. Ubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and Kubuntu are more suitable for newer hardware/machines.
  3. If you are looking for a Server, there is Ubuntu Server version as well.

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