Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Spreading The Word


  • On 31-08-2013, New Page has been created - Master Plan.
  • On 1-9-2013, The Blog is almost over except few more things so it is 80% done.

Whether you are a New Comer to Linux or not, please, allow me to Welcome You with open arms to the blog of my new project - IamNewToLinux.

The Blog is still to be built but this is an introduction post as I'd like to spread the word while I start to finish this project step by step.

Long Story Short: IamNewToLinux is the very first step that a new comer to Linux will need to make.

While it seems very few words and you may be still confused or not sure what this is all about, please do not worry, everything should be ready soon and you will get the full picture, hopefully :)

I have created these groups/communities:



Please, join :)

This Project is created by: Ali Linx

Thank you!