How to start?

How to start with Linux?
You have already started. IamNewToLinux is a project created for New Users to Linux coming from Windows who have never heard nor used Linux before.

ALL what you need should be here. Keeping It Simple and Short (KISS) is the highest priority.

You need to read everything here. You do NOT need to google, you do NOT need to ask anyone, you do NOT need to do anything extra but to read this blog. That is the whole point to create/start this project. Make life easier for a new user.

I know. Right now, you have tons of questions in your mind. Relax. Keep Calm. 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

And, your first step is IamNewToLinux.

Enjoy and Have FUN!!!
This is the most important part and be sure, your questions will be answered one after the other, just ...

BE Patient!

Remember that :)

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