Where to start?

Where to Start with Linux?
Trust me, this is the toughest, hardest and the most critical part of your journey. As always, there is the Easy Way and there is the Hard Way - your choice:

The Easy Way:

The Hard Way:
Read the Master Plan Page.

NOTE: I am NOT promoting here for my project. I will gain NOTHING from this. This is totally FREE Blog with FREE Service. ALL what I am really and honestly looking for is helping you, period. So, read carefully if you really want it the easy way. Again, your call.

There are SO many Linux Systems out there. I have tried my best to avoid this but it is a must know at this point. If you decided to go the Hard Way, then it is your choice but I can assure you, you will be lost, you will be confused and you will end up in most cases paying money for Microsoft and keep using Windows. That was NOT your intention. That was NOT what you want. You wanted to learn more about Linux and start using it. 
Out there, there are ... as of today, 1st of Sept, 2013 ... 611 different active Linux System. Do you really want me to carry on?
Yes, because of the complete freedom you have with Linux, everyone can make his own Linux System. Group of people, AKA (Also Known As) Community can have their own Linux System. So, you have lots of varieties. You have lots of Car Drivers. You have lots of options. 
Because I have promised to stay away from Technical Talk, I will NOT go further and explain. 
So, you need to trust me when I beg you: PLEASE, DO NOT go the HARD WAY. Listen to those who have been there 3 years ago and got the T-Shirt and they do know exactly what they are talking about.
You, at this point, do NOT need all these options. You need VERY few. Here, you shall get it :)

So? What do you say? the EASY WAY? I can't hear you, say that again? OH YES, let's carry on ...

Congratulation, you have made the right choice!

Please, contiune to read: How To Make Your Choice?

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