Master Plan

IamNewToLinux as promised and planned for, will not be just something we are familiar with, it is going to be a unique masterpiece for the sake of New Comers to Linux World. If it is going to be an ordinary project, I would never waste my time and work on it. And that is exactly why, I haven't started yet because I am putting a rock solid plan for this project.

The Golden Rule
KISS = Keep It Simple and Short.

What does that mean? it means, KISS Principle will be applied to this project from A-Z without exception. Will explain in details soon.

The Features of this project

  1. KISS
  2. Direct to the point
  3. Very easy to understand
  4. NO Chinese, NO Greek = NO Technical Language
  5. NO Links = NO Confusion
  6. Very helpful, Very friendly, Very nice
  7. It is the very first step for a New Comer to Linux

Road Map - The Full Story for the correct must-take path:

Phase A

[Step 1: Ali is a Windows Users] >>> [Step 2: heard about Linux] >>> [Ste 3: started to think and ask?!] >>> [Step 4: the first Q will be "I am New To Linux, I need help ..."] >>> [Step 5: there must be one and only answer to his Q] >>> [Step 6: IamNewToLinux Project]

Phase B

Step 1: IamNewToLinux
Step 2: KISS = Keep It Simple and Short
Step 3: What is Linux? 
Step 4: Linux vs Windows?
Step 5: How to get started? 
Step 6: Where to get started (choosing the right system)? 
Step 7: Help and Support?

IamNewToLinux vs The Same Old Story
What is the real achievement that IamNewToLinux is looking for? and how different it is from any other step/project the Linux Human History ever known? 

This is the usual normal daily basis scenario:

  1. A Windows User
  2. Heard about Linux
  3. He starts wondering: What is Linux?
  4. He is looking for the first step that he needs to take/make
  5. As always, there is the easy way and there is the hard way
  6. The easy way is = IamNewToLinux ... the hard way is = continue reading
  7. Either he starts asking his friends OR starts asking Google
  8. If he askes Google, then there are lots of links on the search results, obviously!
  9. If he asks his friends, they will definitely provide less results than Google but God knows what kind of advice they will offer?!
  10. Whether he asks his friends or Google, the first question is and will always be: "What is Linux?"
  11. Have we started to count already? Go back to Step 1. Try to estimate how much time that Windows User needs from Step 1 to Step 10? 
  12. Now, try to estimate how much time he needs to find the answer for his very first question (What is Linux?) and that could be minutes, hours, days?
  13. ... PAUSE ...
  14. The same Windows Users
  15. Starting now to ask: "How to get started? I'm interested?"
  16. A Google search
  17. Tons of links, links and nothing but links
  18. Forums, Blogs, Websites, Articles, etc
  19. ... HUH????? ... WHAT????? ... HUH!!!!! ... WHAT!!!!! ...
  20. Dear User, go back to Step 16 - Step 18
  21. Yet again, ... HUH????? ... WHAT????? ... HUH!!!!! ... WHAT!!!!! ...
  22. Give up? if Yes, then let's go back to Windows 
  23. No, I will not give up now.
  24. Dear User, go back to Step 16 - Step 18
  25. Ops, ... HUH????? ... WHAT????? ... HUH!!!!! ... WHAT!!!!! ...
  26. OMG, I am LOST, HELP?!
  27. Are you going to give up or not yet?
  28. If you are going to give up, then go back to Windows
  29. If you are not going to give up yet, go to infinite loop to Step 16 - Step 18 ... BUT NO ONE knows HOW LONG that will take!!!!!
  30. You know what? I am back to Windows! 

Seriously, how many of you, YES, you the one who is reading these lines and words right here, right now ... have you been into all this? forgot that? I don't think so ... I am sure you had a nice memory refresh. Sorry, does it hurt? it does, big time, right? oh yes, imagine how many other users have been through the very same painful very confusing long WRONG process!

Do I really have to explain more? doesn't that ring a bell? don't you think something is seriously wrong? 

The more you learn about Linux, the less helpful you be to a New Comer.

The more advance you be with Linux, the more Greek and Chinese you talk and at the end, a New User will never understand anything from whatever you are talking about.

The more time you spend with Linux, the more you forget about who were you before and how you were suffering to learn and as a result, the less helpful you be for a New Comer, because you forgot how have you started.

Are we done yet? YES we are. Welcome to IamNewToLinux!


  1. Oh I remember it well.... The pain involved in just choosing the right system for my needs (god knows I have tried enough of them)! Hope you get there, just try and remember everyone's needs are different (that's why there are so many 'distro's'). I think your starting point is good, windows users, they are 'trained' to do things one way! That means that they will accept the first system they can get their head around the 'Desktop Environment', that does not mean they will necessarily stop looking then! (I didn't)

  2. After only really starting in June I think I may already know too much jargon and confuse people.

  3. i think you need to keep this to the bare minimum as it's a bit wordy for someone who just wants 'to go'. I don't think it's fair to refer to Xubuntu for older machines. I use it on a newish machine and love it because it is a more minimal version of *buntu - I just add apps and customise whereas with Ubuntu back in 2009 I would take some off and put some on. I regard Xubuntu as the best distro in the *buntu family and best xfce distro of all.