Saturday, 15 February 2014

I feel guitly but

Hello everyone who may read this,

I feel really guilty for not paying attention for this blog but the fact is, I didn't ignore or forget about it but rather was and still and will be very busy that I decided to mark this project as 'Slow Progress' but I don't really wish to put it on 'Hold' because I am doing this on daily basis with other projects and activities.

My Projects as explained on my Wiki  are a lot, not to mention my activities and roles. Putting this project now on Hold is a mistake IMHO and the best thing to do is to carry on but with slow and careful steps. I've burned out many many times with overkill activities and lots of projects.

You see, I didn't really stop IamNewToLinux at all. I'm guiding and helping 'new' users to Linux on daily basis. Phone calls, Whatsapp, Facebook, face to face, just name it ... I'm converting people left and right. Supporting so many people and offering all kind of advices. So, this project is indeed alive but with no direct activities which may be labelled "IamNewToLinux" because once you believe in an idea and would love to actually do it with passion, names, labels, etc is just something optional to use if you know what I mean :)

What I am trying to say, I don't need to put each activities under a certain label or project. I have dedicated almost all my time for FOSS by being a Linux Advocate and Contributor.

The reason why I'm taking the huge burden of so many projects at the same time is because I highly believe in Linux and its power and ability to change the world to a better place.

Hope one day I could find sometime to take this project to the next level but seriously, this project is not dead and it is part of StartUbuntu Project in a way if you ask me :)

What do you call it then when someone very new to Linux who has never ever heard nor seen nor used it on his/her entire life and you take the time and create a full guide for him/her? that is indeed, part of this very project so do I have to label this as 'IamNewToLinux' activity? I don't think that is needed ;)

Thank you for reading!

If someone is willing to volunteer and contribute to this project and help, please feel free to contact me :)

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